Somerset Virtual School is introducing an electronic Personal Education Plan (ePEP) for its looked After Children. This will be accessible for all schools with a Somerset CLA on roll during the summer term 2021. We have commissioned Welfare Call to managed the ePEP for us. The website from which the ePEP is generated is


A letter introducing schools to the ePEP process was sent to all setting with a Somerset CLA on roll on APril 15th 2021. A copy of that letter can be accessed here

Somerset Introduction to the ePEP Letter

Below you will find a range of materials we hope will be of use to you as we switch over to using a ePEP. We will continue to add to and update this information as we go through the implementation period.

If you have a technical or access questions, you can contact  the Welfare Call Support helpline: 01226 716333 or email Somerset Virtual School thevirtualschool@somerset.gov.uk

Through the summer term 20201 we will continue to accept PEPs completed on the ‘old’ paper-based PEP forms if you do not feel confident to use the website to access the electronic version or have a technical issue that prevents you accessing the new system. If you are choosing to use the paper format (Word document) for your Summer Term 2021 PEPs, rather than the ePEP, please see below the original, blank PEP forms for Statutory School Age, Post 16, NEET and Early Years:

This is the a recording of the presentation by Welfare Call at the Designated Teacher network meeting 10.2.21, introducing the platform and templates for the new Somerset ePEP


If you would like a user guide to refer to, use this link to access Welfare Call’s guidance document to their ePEP


PEP QA Process May 2021