Our School

Our School

Although we are not a ‘real’ school with buildings and classrooms, our Virtual School aims to do the very best we can to help Somerset Children Looked After enjoy education and succeed in the real schools they attend.

We work closely with Designated Teachers, Social Workers and others, giving advice and help to make sure Personal Education Plans(PEPs) are thoughtful and will help children and young people to make progress. We work with other staff at times when there might be difficulties in school, for example if there are issues with attendance or exclusions. We also arrange training and other support for staff and  offer 1-2-1 support for children and young people at times of need, for example when moving between schools, through our small team of Education Support Workers.

We also have a role providing advice and guidance for Previously Looked After Children. Queries relating specifically to these children can be emailed to PLACInclusionSomerset@somerset.gov.uk

We have produced some documents summarising our service

VS Guidance Document – Early Years

VS Guidance Document – School Years

VS Guidance Document – Previously Looked After Children

VS guidance Document – Post 16

To contact Somerset’s Virtual School Head, Emily Walters, please email ewalters@somerset.gov.uk
To contact the Virtual School please use the ‘Contact us’ tab or email thevirtualschool@somerset.gov.uk