‘What to do….’ Documents

‘What to do….’ Documents

Understanding  roles and responsibilities

The following documents have been prepared to help schools, social workers and foster carers understand their roles and responsibilities and how the Virtual School can help in supporting some education specific situations for Children Looked After

What to do when a child becomes looked after – August 2020

What to do to support the education of an Early Years (aged 2,3  or 4) child who is becoming or is already Looked After – August 2020

What to do if a CLA needs a school place – September 2019

What to do if a Somerset CLA is moved to a school in another Local Authority – August 2020

What to do if you think a Somerset CLA has Special Educations Needs or a Disability (SEND) – In development

What to do if a Somerset CLA is at Risk of Exclusion from School – October 2020