The Electronic PEP (ePEP)

The Electronic PEP (ePEP)

Introducing the ePEP

Somerset Virtual School has introduced an electronic Personal Education Plan (ePEP) for its looked After Children. This is accessible for all schools with a Somerset CLA on roll. We have commissioned Welfare Call to manage the ePEP for us.

The website from which the ePEP is generated is

A letter introducing schools to the ePEP process was sent to all setting with a Somerset CLA on roll on April 15th 2021. A copy of that letter can be accessed here Somerset Introduction to the ePEP Letter

From September 2021 we are operating an entirely electronic system for our PEP and will only be accepting ePEPs submitted through our system. If you have any questions about the electronic PEP process or any issue accessing the website, please email

Support Materials

Below you will find a range of materials we hope will help you work with the ePEP.

If you have a technical or access questions, you can contact  the Welfare Call Support helpline direct: 01226 716333 or email Somerset Virtual School

Blank EPEP forms (for information only not to be used for PEPs)

 EY ePEP template

SSA ePEP template

Post 16 EET or NEET ePEP template

Target Setting – Guidance for  SMART target setting and completing the intentions section of the ePEP

Quality Assurance of PEPs

All PEPs submitted to the Virtual School are Quality Assured and RAG rated. Details of this process and the criteria used in this process can be found in this link


Guidance to support the effective management of a PEP meeting and completion of a PEP



Writing SMART outcomes-target setting for your PEP