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Opportunities 2021-22

Termly Designated Teacher Networks and Workshops

DT Networks and Workshops Flyer 2021 -22

Resources from the DT Network Meeting 9.11.21

Extension of Duties presentation

Previously Looked After Children presentation

Resources from the DT network Meeting 10.2.22

Supporting Previously Looked After Children – EPPLAC  presentation

Overview slides including PATH information

‘Sensory Processing’ Training

1/2 day training session for school staff,  delivered by Somerset EPS

Autumn Term 2021 – Thursday 21st October 12.30-3.30

Spring Term 2022 – Tuesday 1st March 12.30-3.30

Sensory integration takes place in the central nervous system.  Sensory integration takes information through the senses, puts it together with prior knowledge, information and memories stored in the brain to make meaningful responses. Sensory integration is the ability of the brain to organise information received from the senses so that appropriate responses are made.  As well as the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, the body also senses movement, force of gravity and body position through the muscles and joints. Studies indicate that as many as 1 in 6 children experience sensory symptoms that can affect aspects of every day life, although research is limited at this stage.

This session will explore these themes and areas:

  • What is sensory processing
  • Current standpoints in the UK
  • 7 sensory systems
  • Early attachment, sensory integration and learning
  • Other reasons for sensory difficulties, including autism
  • Sensory processing difficulties & strategies
  • Whole school and whole class strategies
  • OT referrals

‘Working with the traumatised child to promote effective learning, a programme for carers, children’s social care and schools’

3 x half day (all sessions must be attended)  for school staff, social workers, Foster Carers, adoptive parents. Morning sessions are for CSC, foster carers and adoptive parents, the afternoon sessions for school and education staff. The final session of each set of three is in the morning with all delegates attending together.

For many of our children looked after, the world is perceived as being hostile and chaotic.  Their interactions and behaviours reflect these beliefs, and are therefore often very difficult to manage.  Join us for an in depth look at how we can create safe environments that can support our children and young people to regulate their stress, anxieties and engage in learning.  The course will include practical strategies for managing behaviours such as hyperarousal and disassociation. We will also look at ways in which we can positively promote key relationships and create the most supportive environments within homes, and school settings for all age groups.

Autumn Term 2021

Trauma 1 – Tuesday 2nd November (all day – one session in am and one pm)

Trauma 2 – Monday 8th November (all day – one session am and one pm)

Trauma 3 – Monday 15th November (9.30-1.30)

Spring Term 2022

Trauma 1 – Thursday 10th March (all day – one session in am and one pm)

Trauma 2 – Thursday 17th March (all day – one session in am and one pm)

Trauma 3 – Tuesday 5th April (9.30-1.30)

Summer Term 2022

Trauma 1 – Tuesday 14th June (all day – one session in am and one pm)

Trauma 2 – Thursday 30th June (all day – one session in am and one pm)

Trauma 3 – Thursday 7th July (9.30-1.30)

‘New to the Role of Designated Teacher’ for new Designated Teachers and Headteachers in schools and educational settings

1 day training for  those new to the role of DT or looking to brush up knowledge on this complex role

Autumn term 2021    2.12.21 – Dillington 9.00 – 4.30

The role of Designated Teacher for Children Looked After and Previously Looked After is a complex one and statutory whether or not a school has children or young people from these cohorts on roll. The day has been structured to provide an overview for those new to this role but may also provide a useful refresher if it is a little while since the CLA/PLAC agenda has been considered in schools.

Key themes and topic covered during the day include:

  • DfE guidance – the statutory duties and key tasks for the DT
  • Effective Target setting for Children and Young People
  • Holding an effective Personal Education Planning meeting
  • The role of the DT with Previously Looked After Children
  • Pupil Premium funding for CLA and PLAC
  • Some SEMH Starting Points for CLA/PLAC
  • Resources, training and support available/Q&A

The following is offered via the Children and Families Learning and Development Team and bookings are handled by that team 

 ‘Supporting the Education of Somerset’s Children Looked After’

For Foster Carers and Social Workers (Booked via Children and Families Learning and Development – email  the CFLD Team Mailbox 

Dates for 2021-22 TBC



Resources from the events held during the academic year 2021-22 will be posted here as they occur